Have a unique Christmas experience in Finland

Do you remember those good old Christmases filled with laughter and genuine holiday spirit? Well, guess what – they’re back for good and it’s all free of charge!

Tampere is an old and idyllic but still a very modern city in the central part of Southern Finland. The people of Tampere are bringing back the real spirit of Christmas for all of us to enjoy. The Tampere Christmas Market is definitely worth seeing during your visit in Finland. It's an ecologically friendly and accessible event for the whole family and a perfect complement to the city’s other Christmas events.

Events and vendors from both nearby and far away

The Christmas Market offers relaxing moments and a merry atmosphere, performances to raise your holiday spirits to the fullest. The many artists and craftspeople present and sell their unique Finnish artworks and products. It's a great place to find good souvenirs and Christmas presents!

From 2009 on, vendors from Essen, Germany have brought a touch of central European Christmas atmosphere to Tampere. Now the Christmas Market is even more  international, with vendors arriving from Chemnitz as well as from Essen.


The Tampere Christmas Market is open from 2rd to 22nd December 2023 from 11 am to 7 pm.

Doghnut Cafe is open from 10 am to 7 pm and Glühwein restaurant is open from 11 am to 8 pm.

How to get in Tampere?

Getting here is not a problem; in fact, you probably won’t even want to leave Tampere once you’re here.

Tampere is located in Southern Finland some 170 km north-west of Helsinki, capital of the country. Both domestic and international travel connections to Tampere are excellent. The city is within easy reach by air, by land and in summer, even by water! 

By plane

Tampere has an airport with direct flights to and from Stockholm and Helsinki. There’s a bus connection from the airport to the city centre, which is right next to the Central Square (where the Christmas Market is located).

Visit Tampere Transportation-info.

By train

Trains to Tampere depart from almost all the major cities in Finland. For example, the trip from Helsinki to Tampere takes less than two hours.

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By bus

Buses to Tampere depart from many Finnish cities, for example, Helsinki, Turku and Oulu. Tampere’s public transportation takes you where ever you want to go within the city. Jump on a local bus and explore the city!

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Maps and brochures

Welcome to Tampere, we hope you enjoy your stay! Here you'll find the maps and brochures of Tampere.